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My Story

Imagine waking up, and your entire world and life is on full display.  


I can tell you first hand: IT. IS. TERRIFYING.  


I woke up on August 25, 2021 like it was any other day, checked my work phone and there was the email that all police officers fear.  A letter of complaint that a fellow officer filed on me after somehow discovering my OnlyFans page. As I read the complaint, stating that what my husband and I have been doing in my personal time and off duty was “conduct unbecoming,” even though I never used my real name or identified myself as a police officer.  I felt as though I was about to faint and could hear my heart beating in my head. I couldn’t breathe, my chest began hurting and my whole body was trembling.  The fear overtook my whole being.  I knew my whole world was about to change and a wave of uncertainty consumed me.  I began to sob as I handed the phone to my husband to show him.  


After 28 years in Law Enforcement, which is all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life, 11 as a police officer and at the time a Lieutenant, I knew it was all about to change, but I just didn’t know how.

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