My story

Who is Bella Lexi? To answer that you must be willing to enter a world where civilians are never privy to. Yes, I am a former police officer who spent twenty-eight years dedicated to public service, the community, and my fellow man. Then, the age of OnlyFans came to be….

That’s when my life was turned upside down.

I woke up on August 25, 2021 like it was any other day, checked my work phone and there was the email that all police officers fear.  A letter of complaint that a fellow officer filed on me after somehow discovering my OnlyFans page.  As I read the complaint, stating that what my husband and I have been doing in my personal time and off duty was “conduct unbecoming,” even though I never used my real name or identified myself as a police officer.  I felt as though I was about to faint and could hear my heart beating in my head. I couldn’t breathe, my chest began hurting and my whole body was trembling.  The fear overtook my whole being.  I knew my whole world was about to change and a wave of uncertainty consumed me.  I began to sob as I handed the phone to my husband to show him. 

After 28 years in Law Enforcement, which is all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life, 11 as a police officer and at the time a Lieutenant, I knew it was all about to change, but I just didn’t know how.

One thing I have learned through all of my years in law enforcement is to keep moving forward no matter the hurdles that might be thrown in your way.  

Fast forward 4 months, I was contacted on January 25th, 2022 by a member of an international media outlet asking about my story and wanting an interview for a story they were pushing out the next day.  I felt that this was my time to tell my story from my perspective and set the record straight.  

Later that day, my story ran in news outlets all over the world.  It was official, I could no longer hide and hope my settlement and retirement from my agency would simply drift off into the past.  What would my family think? What would my neighbours and friends say? With my world being tossed upside down, what would tomorrow and next week, month and year look like?

I did know that I had a bunch of lemons dropped in my lap and it was time to start building a bunch of lemonade stands with them.

That thrust me into the world of adult entertainment and I haven’t looked back.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Here on my website, you are going to see that I am not only a performer who loves what I do, but also, a woman who adores the engagement with her fans and the adult entertainment industry as a whole. Yes, I have gotten a lot of mainstream notoriety from being a servant of the law for many years, and then, experiencing the things I have when worlds collide within my life and career. I loved what I did. I love what I do. I was dedicated to my work. I am dedicated to being an adult entertainer. That is who I am. That is what I have built my XXX professional foundation on. That is what you will get when you decide to enter my domain and partake in the Bella Lexi brand.

I have been in the industry for three years now, and every single day brings something new and exciting. My brand is all about giving something back. Showing another side of sex work, erotica, modelling, and adult entertainment. I like to state that I am an empowered woman, and that is not only because I was a police officer, but also due to my passion for erotica, and the success that it has brought me within my content and independent creations in the adult film world. 

I am not stopping there. 

I am driven to be one of the best in the industry.  Soon, you will see me shooting with more major production companies, I have a merch store that will be coming soon. 

As of January 2024, I am now an Award Nominated starlet. Boasting nominations from both AVN and Fleshbot. Filled with sexual swag that is unlike anything else you have EVER seen in the XXX marketplace. Are you ready?….. I know I am! 

I am also an independent, self-booking performer. 

If you wish to book me for your future productions, drop me a line on the “contact” page right here on my website.

I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for all of your ongoing support!

Don’t be shy! Make sure to say HELLO!

Yours Truly,
-Bella Lexi

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